Skinhead Girl Tattoos – How to Find a Skinhead Girl That Fits Your Style

skinhead girl

Sometime in the not-so-distant past, a term called “skinhead” surfaced and was used to describe the more rebellious members of the Skinhead Underground. These skinheads looked nothing like the stereotypical hoodlums and punks that you see on TV and in the movies. In actuality, they were a group of women that were very unique. They were rough, no frills and extremely feminine looking. You might say they were “anti-social” skinheads. And they sure made some bold statements about their anti-government and anti-social lifestyles.

Looks Trendy And Cool

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The members of this underground were mainly from Britain, but there are also American and European members. They wear clothing that is unique, such as animal skin. Members wear patch helmets, leather jackets, black leather boots and many other clothing items. The goal of these groups is to make statements, attract attention and demonstrate an attitude that is bold and anti-authority. Skinheads may identify as punk, hardcore, gangster or whatever else they think of the best. The goal is to make social statements by being extreme. Being part of the Skinhead Underground meant being very individualistic. Each girl was someone’s “own girl”. The members lived independently and they didn’t have anyone to tell them what to do or how to act.

Punk Look

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The T-shirts, jewelry, tattoos and piercings that they wear to make a statement about who they are and what they want to be. Members of the group will often dress in their most revealing outfits and at times you will see daring behavior like tattooing their faces with names or dates. At other times they will act more conservatively and just dress casual. Members of this particular group will often go on long trips or have long vacations and spend a lot of time away from home. It is their way of expressing themselves. You will hear stories about girls who travel to different places in search of their own “man”. If you look back at a girl’s skinhead history and ask them why they chose that particular look, you might hear something like, “it looks good, I can’t remove it and I don’t care what it says on my skin.”

Gives Badass Vibes

The “bad boy” look is all about self-confidence and saying you are yourself. It is a means of stating your identity. Members of this group are trying to make a statement about who they are. When you look at a girl who has this look in her hair, you will notice the hair is straight and she hasn’t dyed it red. She probably takes great care of her body too. Skinhead girls were once called bikers but that has changed now. The T-shirts that the girls wear are a reflection of their lifestyles and opinions. They don’t all look the same on the outside but when you look deep within, you will find the girl with the straight hair has a completely different personality and beliefs than the girl with the funky T-shirt. Members of this subculture are usually from a punk background or somewhere in the alternative music arena and their lives tend to be all about having fun and expressing themselves creatively.

Related To SubCulture

Members of this subculture don’t like to draw attention to their hair, hence the shaved head look. Members will often dress in camouflage when out in public. Members are attracted to the punk rock style yet also have a sense of rebellion too. Skinheads are not really going to change their lives but they can add a new interesting facet to yours with a little taming. When looking for a skinhead girl, make sure that she is confident and knows that she looks good. She should want to make a statement with her looks and not let anyone tell you otherwise. If she is shy around the guy, ask him if he would like to go bowling with her and take her out to a nice dinner. It’s always good to have that option.

Wrapping Up

This is not the time to try to impress a guy. You want a guy that is going to fall in love with your personality and not your physical attributes. These girls love to show off their bodies and get attention. If you can keep that in check, then she will be a keeper.

Let your skin look as natural as possible. There is nothing worse than a girl with too many tattoos. You may also have to make some changes to your diet. Eating healthy foods and keeping your hair trimmed, will help keep your skin as good as it can be. You will also feel great and look great when you don’t have any henna on your skin.

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