How Middle School Dropout Christen Dye Became a Successful Social Media Influencer

Christen Dye used to be an average kid, the kind that would spend her days hanging out with friends and watching movies. Then she started vlogging and learned how to grow an audience and monetize her content. As her social media following grew, so did her influence, and she was able to take her passion and turn it into a career as a social media influencer. Learn more about Christen’s journey from middle school dropout to successful social media influencer by reading this article on starting vlogging today.

Leading By Example

 Not only did Christen Dye discover her passion for fitness at a young age, but she also discovered how to influence others through social media. In 2008, Dye’s career took off as an Instagram influencer and YouTube star. Her hard work and commitment to staying true to herself paid off. Today, Dye has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Women’s Health. Stadium Magazine also awarded her 2018 Best Content Creator of The Year. 

She Was Passionate About Following Her Dreams

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Christen Dye dropped out of middle school and was living with her grandparents by age 13. But they encouraged her to pursue an education, and she completed two diplomas at community college before transferring to study journalism at San Francisco State University. Today, as a full-time blogger and social media influencer, Christen lives in West Hollywood. She has over one million Instagram followers and has been featured on major news networks like CBS News and TODAY.

She Believed That Failure Is Part Of Living

Despite those who told her that she wasn’t good enough, Christen ignored those voices and believed in herself. She knew that failure is just part of living, and if you learn from your mistakes—and don’t make them again. You can come out stronger on top. For her, letting go of what other people think of her is key to being successful. So many people waste their time trying to please others, she says. Instead, focus on making yourself happy by doing things that inspire you and put a smile on your face. If doing so makes other people happy? That’s even better.

She Made Time For What Matters Most To Her

Christen Dye always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she didn’t know where to start as a middle school dropout. She dabbled in many different jobs and careers, including a bank teller and a real estate agent. But none of them offered what she was looking for. When she felt stagnant and uninspired by her job, Christen knew it was time for something different.

Final Words

When social media exploded onto our screens in its present form over ten years ago, most people had no idea what it was. For Christen Dye, however, it was an epiphany. The future of communication seemed to unfold before her eyes, and she knew then that she would spend her life sharing ideas with others across platforms that only existed in her mind at that time. She learned everything about social media marketing by listening to podcasts and voraciously reading anything related to networking online.

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